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Will Kruspe

Will Kruspe is a Technical Content Writer at Baker Industries, a Lincoln Electric Company.

Blog Post by Will Kruspe

Will Kruspe3/30/22 8:30 AM

Baker Industries Achieves ISO 9001:2015, AS9100D & Nadcap AC7130 Recertification

ISO 9001:2015 First published by the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) ...
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Will Kruspe3/29/22 8:45 AM

Baker Industries Achieves ASME BPVC Section IX Qualification

ASME's Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code First issued in 1911, the Boiler & Pressure ...
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Will Kruspe12/6/21 8:30 AM

CMM Integrated Alongside Existing 3D Scanning Practices Increasing QA Efficiency and Throughput

With any machining or 3D printing operation, there is usually a quality assurance (QA) ...
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Will Kruspe11/22/21 11:47 AM

Fiberglass & Other High-Quality Options for Large Tooling

Although fiberglass is not as commonly used as it once was in the automotive and ...
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Will Kruspe10/1/21 12:00 PM

Baker Industries Purchases Industrial Paint Booth for Finishing Large Aerospace Tooling & Parts

The Benefits of an Industrial Paint Booth The new paint booth will significantly add to ...
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Will Kruspe9/24/21 12:00 PM

Benefits of Large-Format Metal Additive Manufacturing

Our New Cleveland Plant via Acquisition by Lincoln Electric The most significant factor ...
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Will Kruspe9/17/21 12:00 PM

Baker Adds ProtoTRAK DPM SX5P to Machine Lineup

CNC Milling Capabilities While the ProtoTRAK is by no means a high-volume, ...
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Will Kruspe9/3/21 12:00 PM

Machined and Additively Manufactured Fly Parts and Hardware 101

Baker Industries, a Lincoln Electric Company, is primarily focused on small-batch ...
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Will Kruspe8/31/21 12:00 PM

What is Precision Machining?

When utilizing CNC machining in an industry or on a project where the complexity is high, ...
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Will Kruspe8/20/21 12:00 PM

What is CNC Machining?

CNC, or Computer Numerical Control, is a computerized system of code that performs ...
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