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Rachel Burke

Rachel is the former Director of Marketing at Baker Industries.

Blog Post by Rachel Burke

Rachel Burke 8/1/18 4:36 PM

Baker Industries Named a Top U.S. Machine Shop

“Honors Program winners are vetted and selected by me from a top-tier benchmarking group ...
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Rachel Burke 7/2/18 4:03 PM

Baker Industries Large-Scale Fabrication Showcase

Baker Industries has a 55,000 sq. ft. facility dedicated to our fabrication operations. ...
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Rachel Burke 6/27/18 1:48 PM

Baker Industries Receives Sixth Consecutive Boeing Performance Excellence Award

The Boeing Performance Excellence Award is Boeing’s official program to recognize ...
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Rachel Burke 6/21/18 10:53 AM

70% Weight Reduction Utilizing 3D Printing for Mill Fixture

By 3D printing the mill fixture using ABS thermoplastic material instead of machining it ...
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Rachel Burke 6/9/18 1:29 PM

Additive Manufacturing: Design for Functionality

Additive manufacturing has removed design barriers to enable the creation of geometries ...
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Rachel Burke 5/18/18 12:57 PM

Baker Industries Featured On the Cover of Manufacturing Today

Brothers Scott and Kevin Baker co-founded the Macomb, Mich.-based company as Baker ...
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Rachel Burke 4/26/18 3:57 PM

ULTEM® Used for High-Temperature Applications

Not only did this ULTEM® alternative provide significant weight reduction, but it also ...
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Rachel Burke 4/26/18 3:21 PM

Weight Reduction for Safety Compliance Utilizing 3D Printing

The weight of the traditionally manufactured carbon fiber bar with aluminum ends would ...
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Rachel Burke 4/26/18 12:40 PM

Using 3D-Printed ABS Thermoplastic to Reduce Counterbalance

The newly designed hybrid tool stood up to the tight aerospace tolerances and as an added ...
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Rachel Burke 1/18/18 4:19 PM

Baker Industries Earns TDM Top-Rated Supplier Recognition

Baker Industries would like to thank TDM for their long-standing relationship and trust.
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